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Hard Rock Cafe Pins from PIN MARKETPLACE
We have a wide variety of Hard Rock Cafe pins from all around the world. Several of our pins are fairly old and are difficult to find. Let us know what pins you are interested in and we will reserve them for you while you submit your order payment.


Pin Description                                           Price
Hard Rock Int'l, 20th Anniv., red crossed guitars,logo    45.00
HRI 1995 All Star                                         25.00
HRI Christmas '95 - Candy Cane                            15.00
HRI Christmas '96 - French Horn                           15.00
HRI Christmas '97 - Guitar Handle Snowflake               10.00
HRA 1993 Malibu, CA Triathlon - Sept. 19, 1993            25.00
Peace on Earth Christmas, Canada 1996                     25.00

Pin Description Price
Rock Star pin 25.00
Bright Idea light bulb pin 20.00

Pin Description Price
Acapulco Black and White Zebra V guitar, 'Cafe' enamel 75.00
Amsterdam logo w/ cutout Hard Rock over 'XXX' 12.00
Bali Valentine's Day '97 - Two Cherubs, Lg. Red Heart 15.00
Bangkok Songkran Festival '01, guitar w/ flower pickers15.00
Bangkok Earthday '96 - white Rocking Dolphin, Globe 20.00
Bangkok Earthday '98 - Globe, Deer, Elephant, Tiger 20.00
Bangkok Valentine's Day '97 - Cherub playing harp 20.00
Bangkok Valentine's Day '99 - Goddess on Guitar 15.00
Bangkok Valentine's Day '00 - ornate Samisen w/ Roses 20.00
Bangkok Christmas '96 - red & white star guitars (2) 40.00
Barcelona Sagrada Familia tall colorful steeples 15.00
Beijing Yellow Van (Breadbox Taxi) 15.00
Beijing Pagoda Temple & Great Wall logo 15.00
Beijing Millenium 2 pin set - Evolution of Rock Guitar 30.00
and Forbidden City pin w/ 'Qian Xi Nian' (Millenium)
in Tin case with Evolution of Rock design on cover
Beijing Valentine's Day '97 - Cherubs, Heart, 'China' 15.00
Beijing Valentine's Day '00 - Cherub, Heart w/ wings 15.00
Beijing 4th of July, LARGE USA with flag imprint 15.00
Beijing Christmas '99 - Rudolph w/ ornaments,yel. star 15.00
Beijing 6th Anniversary - Large Gold Dragon Statue 20.00
Berlin guitar in German flag colors 20.00
Buenos Aires Congress Hall building 15.00
Buenos Aires black and white cow 15.00
Buenos Aires 3rd Anniversary red '3', black, silver hat15.00
Buenos Aires 4th Anniversary Green Shamrock 15.00
Canada - Canada Day 1999, Beaver w/blue gtr,CANADA flag15.00
Cancun black enamel Les Paul, 3LT, mesh back 80.00
Copenhagen Blue Motorcycle and Side Car 15.00
Copenhagen Black Horzontal Les Paul 10.00
Copenhagen Black & White Elvis Presley Dead Rocker gtr 10.00
Edinburgh Halloween '98, Hanging Bat, orange/white 25.00
Jakarta 9th Anniversary - 3 large dice w/ 3's showing 15.00
Johannesburg Valentine's Day - Cupid on Lg. Heart 300! 18.00
Kowloon 1997 Reunification Dragon 15.00
Kuala Lumpur Grnd Prix 2001 Orange & Blue Racing Car 20.00
Kuala Lumpur 9th Anniversary - Guitar in Orbit & Earth 15.00
Kuala Lumpur Christmas 2000 - Singing Waitress as Tree 15.00
London old style white and copper drum set, FC Parry 50.00
London Raised Key Bridge and Cruise Ship 10.00
London Gal w/ Union Jack Umbrella entering Bus guitar 15.00
London Woman playing guitar atop old-style phone booth 15.00
London 2004 4th of July Blonde babe playing rwb guitar 15.00
London Punk Bobbie with dagger tattoo playing guitar 15.00
London Bright Red Les Paul, light orange center, Parry 80.00
London Black Les Paul guitar 10.00
London Buckingham Palace Guard holding red & white gtr 15.00
London Police 'Bobbie' with British Flag 'V' guitar 15.00
London Logo - the purest pin from the 1st HRC 10.00
London Taxi (newer design) 12.00
Makati Valentine's Day '99 - 2 Hearts with Cupid 15.00
Nassau two-tone green Parrot on blue guitar 15.00
Nassau multi-colored painted mask guitar 15.00
Nassau pink Conch shell guitar 15.00
Nassau red dice on green & white flying V guitar 15.00
Nassau pink Flamingo on vertical sky-blue guitar 15.00
Nassau large Martini glass with 4 aces, Chips & Dice 20.00
Osaka Valentine's Day 1998 - white guitar with roses 15.00
Osaka Christmas '99 Teddy Bear with Santa Robe 15.00
Ottawa white Peace SIgn Tower guitar 15.00
Ottawa Christmas 2000 - Santa Playing Piano w/ presents15.00
Reykjavik black island,large letters, yellow logo 20.00
Reykjavik Valentine's Day '99 - Cupid on Red Heart 15.00
Reykjavik 6th Ann.,silver helmet,sword,axe,flag shield 30.00
Rome 1st anniversary - pewter sign 'Veni, Vidi, Vinci' 15.00
St. Thomas Green Surfboard with Palm Tree 15.00
St. Thomas Treasure Chest overflowing with gems 12.00
St. Thomas 8th Anniversary - Mask, Snorkel, Flippers 18.00
San Juan Black Horizontal Les Paul guitar 10.00
Seoul Traditional Instrument 5 pin set,Colorful Tin Box75.00
Shanghai 2 gold & brown dragons on sides of white logo 12.00
Shanghai Earth Day 2000 - LARGE man w/ hat, globe(1000)20.00
Singapore blue enamel drumset, flat bottom, sand back 12.00
Singapore Aids Ribbon 15.00
Singapore Valentine's Day 1997 - 2 Cupids on Red Heart 15.00
Singapore Valentine's Day 2000 - cupids, flowers 15.00
Singapore Valentine's Day 2001 - Cupid (750) 15.00
Singapore Earth Day 2000 - large tree (limited 1000) 15.00
Singapore Earth Day 2001 - Red Tree Frog over Globe 15.00
Singapore 4th of July '98 - with Statue of Liberty 15.00
Singapore Halloween '99 - demon riding blue guitar 15.00
Singapore Christmas '99 - orange sack w/ Bear,presents 15.00
Stockholm grey Viking Helmet,blue flag doubleneck(1000)20.00
Stockholm Blue Doubleneck guitar, grid back, 3LC 35.00
Stockholm Waitress 'INGRID',black hair, pink gtr (750) 20.00
Stockholm Waitress 'SANNA',blonde hair, pink gtr (750) 20.00
Stockholm Valentine's Day '98 - Cupid, red axe guitar 20.00
Stockholm Earthday '99 - Map of World w/ 'Earthday' 15.00
Stockholm Earthday '99 - MISTAKE with March 16th 20.00
Stockholm Midsummer '98 dark blue guitar with Sun(750) 20.00
Stockholm 4th of July '97, silver Statue of Liberty 15.00
Stockholm 13th Anniversary, blue square,vik helmet(500)18.00
Stockholm 16th Anniversary,guitar w/Viking Warrior Head20.00
Sydney red drum set with 'Australia', 3LT, mesh 12.00
Sydney Black-haired waitress, flying V gtr,silver medal15.00
Sydney Blonde waitress,cowboy hat,blue gtr,bronze medal15.00
Sydney female torchbearer,carrying gtr w/ flame in base15.00
Taipei Aids Ribbon 20.00
Taipei Christmas '94 Santa with drum 85.00
Taipei Christmas '96 bell & holly 20.00
Tokyo white drumset, enamel, 3LT, mesh back 50.00
Tokyo Kamikaze Shamisen guitar 15.00
Tokyo red & white kamikaze telecaster guitar w/ flag 15.00
Tokyo Dark Blue guitar with Gold Music Notes on Neck 15.00
Tokyo Blue guitar with Gorilla on Logo, Tower 15.00
Tokyo Valentine 2000, Cupid w/ 4 red roses around logo 18.00
Tokyo St. Patrick's Day '00,Sitting Bear as Leprechaun 15.00
Tokyo St. Patrick's Day 2000, white gtr in shamrocks 18.00
Tokyo Cherry Blossom 2000, Black guitar with blossoms 20.00
Tokyo Christmas '97 white enamel LP guitar, red banner 20.00
Toronto, Canadian HRC logo over globe, white, Shilo 96 20.00
Toronto, white LP, with Toronto on Body, Mills back 30.00
Toronto Canada/US Reunification Circle w/ both flags 20.00
Toronto 20th anniversary HRC(some gold missing on 'e') 15.00
Toronto Skydome with Skydome on tan & white guitar 15.00
Toronto Skydome blonde waitress leaning against Tower 12.00
Yokohama Valentine's Day '99 - Lg Red Heart, Gold trim 20.00
Yokohama St. Pat's Day '00,Runnning Bear as Leprechaun 15.00
Yokohama Cherry Blossom 2000, anchor, lavender blossoms15.00
Yokohama Easter 2000, long-eared bunny, red suit (500) 18.00


Pin Description Price
Aspen black & white Snowboard with 'Pray for Snow' 15.00
Aspen fully outfitted Snowboarder with large colorful 20.00
Snowboard, Snowwy Mtn Scene, only 300, PinPals
This was produced just before Aspen HRC closed!
Atlanta yellow logo, 4LC, medium grid 15.00
Atlantic City Dice on black Stratocaster Guitar 12.00
Atlantic City Red Eddie Cochran guitar 10.00
Atlantic City large Boardwalk pin, Pin Pals 15.00
Atlantic City Miss America 1999 blonde with blue dress 15.00
Austin flaming cowboy boot with rope 12.00
Baltimore Old-Style Crab Guitar (crab on neck) 12.00
Baltimore New Style Crab Guitar (base is crab)Pin Pals 15.00
Baltimore white & black Brian Jones Vox guitar 10.00
Baltimore 4th Anniversary,waitress w/ guitar on roof 15.00
of Power Plant Building which houses Balt. HRC (large)
Boston red enamel Les Paul, 3LT, mesh back 60.00
Boston enamel logo, 3LT, mesh back 50.00
Boston white guitar with Lobster, 2LC, grid 12.00
Boston white guitar with Lobster, 4LC, grid 15.00
Chicago red drumset, 3LT, mesh back 12.00
Chicago Peace Sign, 'One World, One Love' 15.00
Dallas black enamel Les Paul, 3LT, mesh back 80.00
Dallas yellow enamel logo, 3LT, mesh back 20.00
Denver Snowboard with snowcovered mountains 10.00
Denver Snowman on Snowboard - Series 1, 2500 15.00
Denver 2nd Anniversary, Skiing down large '2' w/ guitar15.00
Fort Lauderdale green Alligator with HRC logo 12.00
Fort Lauderdale aqua sailboat 10.00
Fort Lauderdale 1st Anniversary Gator on Guitar (2000) 18.00
Gatlinburg large tan Church Steeple (Pin Pals) 12.00
Hard Rock Hotel Christmas '96 'Let it Snow' Snowflake 15.00
Hard Rock Hotel Valentine's Day '97, Cupid w/ Guitar 15.00
Hard Rock Hotel, 25th Anniversary pewter flames, logo 12.00
Hollywood Star Hard Rock Cafe logo back 10.00
Hollywood Movie Camera with Logo 10.00
Hollywood Clapboard with Logo 10.00
Honolulu blue drumset, 3LT, mesh back 15.00
Honolulu Circle of Flowers Lei Logo 10.00
Honolulu Ukelele & Lei w/ 'Honolulu' 12.00
Honolulu Blue & Aqua guitar with Surfer 12.00
Honolulu yellow and red Surfboard with mask design 15.00
Honolulu blue, black & lime green Fish guitar 15.00
Honolulu red Hibiscus and yellow Lei on Green guitar 15.00
Honolulu red & yellow Outrigger 10.00
Honolulu Green Les Paul 10.00
Honolulu Christmas '98 Holiday Sleigh 12.00
Houston Rodeo '96 Brown Boot 15.00
Indianapolis Racing car and Finish Flags with HRC Logo 12.00
Indianapolis Racing Flag on guitar 15.00
Key West logo in the shape of Sun 12.00
Key West Black Les Paul 10.00
Key West Red and White Firebird guitar 10.00
Key West Parrot on blue & white Stratocaster guitar 12.00
Key West Sunset & sailboats on blue guitar 12.00
Kona Black and White Elvis Presley Dead Rocker guitar 10.00
Lake Tahoe redheaded female Skier Logo (Pin Pals) 12.00
Lake Tahoe Snowman 2 of 3, red & white scarf over logo 15.00
Lake Tahoe Snowman 3 of 3, standing w/ green/white gtr 15.00
Lake Tahoe 2nd Anniversary, pine trees,mtns,lake,boats 15.00
Las Vegas $500 Poker Chip with Joker on Top 12.00
Las Vegas 1994 Rodeo guitar with Cowboy Riding on Top 25.00
Las Vegas 1997 Rodeo guitar with Cowgirl Riding on Top 15.00
Maui 1991 World Cup of Windurfing,round blue & orange 150.00
Maui Lei on Blue & White Stratocaster 15.00
Maui Grey whale and flower lei on blue Stratocaster gtr15.00
Maui yellow and black striped Fish guitar 15.00
Maui Pineapple and Bananas on brown 4-string accoustic 15.00
Maui large Hibiscus flower logo 10.00
Miami Large Maracas against Yellow Sun & Logo 12.00
Miami Yellow & blue Surfboard with Footprints 12.00
Miami Pink Flamingo on white guitar 12.00
Miami Vertical Blue Marlin guitar 12.00
Miami Yellow Tropical Fish guitar 15.00
Miami Mini Blue and Yellow guitar 12.00
Miami 7th Anniversary - Red Tailfinned Auto, Palm Trees15.00
Miami 8th Anniversary - Beach Girl on Blue guitar 15.00
Memphis Pyramid with yellow Logo 10.00
Memphis Cowboy Hat & Flames black accoustic guitar 12.00
Myrtle Beach Green Doubleneck guitar w/ pyramid 12.00
Nashville large logo, 2LC, Dark Brown 10.00
Nashville Banjo, 2LC, small squared grid back 12.00
Nashville Banjo, HRC back 12.00
Nashville NEW Black Stetson Hat w/silver HRC on brim 12.00
Nashville 'Tina' Cowgirl with Haystack 15.00
Nashville Twin Pianos 'In Memory of Bryan Hoskins' 15.00
Nashville 7th Anniversary blonde with flaming Hot Rod 15.00
New Orleans red drum set, 3LT, small grid 20.00
New Orleans Silver Dobro, 3LT, grid back 15.00
New Orleans Street Lamp guitar 12.00
New Orleans purple & green Jester on top of HRC Logo 12.00
New Orleans large Mississippi River Boat (Pin Pals) 15.00
New Orleans Mardi Gras purple,green,red Mask on logo 12.00
New Orleans MardiGras 2001 Guitar/Doll Poster LE 3000 15.00
New York red enamel Les Paul, 3LT, mesh back 60.00
New York yellow enamel logo, 3LT , mesh back 20.00
New York Drums, Sax, Keyboard 12.00

New York Statue of Liberty in Pinstripes, bat & glove 15.00
New York City Skyline & Bridge Guitar 18.00
New York Yankee Stadium City T guitar w/ fascade, bats 20.00
Newport Beach surfer in body suit catching a wave 12.00
Newport Beach blue and white stratocaster, 2 gold nails15.00
Newport Beach blue Anchor & Tie Line guitar 12.00
Newport Beach 9th Anniversary - Surfer with V guitar 15.00
Orlando red cloisonne Les Paul, 4LC, grid 20.00
Orlando Red cloisonne Les Paul, 4LC, yellow logo, grid 25.00
Orlando Palm Tree and Umbrella Guitar 12.00
Orlando James Dean light green and white motorcycle 10.00
Orlando 'Live' - Blue and white Stratocaster 15.00
Philadelphia Logo 8.00
Philadelphia Liberty Bell Logo (looks like Opening pin)10.00
Philadelphia Patriot Drummer Logo 10.00
Philadelphia Gold Liberty Bell Guitar (1st one) 12.00
Philadelphia USA 13 Colony Flag on doubleneck guitar 15.00
Philadelphia Silver Liberty Bell $ USA Flag guitar 15.00
Philadelphia Ben Franklin holding red guitar,parchment 12.00
Philadelphia White Les Paul (*Discontinued*) 12.00
Philadelphia Black Les Paul (*Discontinued*) 12.00
Philadelphia Red Eddie Cochran,City Guitar 10.00
Philadelphia Black & White Elvis Guitar 10.00
Philadelphia 2nd Anniversary - George Washington type 15.00
3-sided hat & powdered wig on red Upright guitar.
Phildelphia 4th Anniversary - Rocky Celebrating on top 15.00
of Art Museum Steps
Philadelphia Valentine's 2000 - 2 piece broken heart 15.00
Philadelphia St. Patrick's '00 -green V guitar,hat(500)15.00
Philadelphia Earth Day '99 - Globe 12.00
Philadelphia Earth Day '00 - Save the Planet Globe(650)15.00
Philadelphia Christmas '98 - Sleigh w/ gifts (only 500)12.00
Philadelphia Christmas '99 - Holly Wreath, Gold Bow 12.00
Philadelphia Christmas '99 - Caroler, Pin Pals,(1,999) 15.00
Phoenix Brown Phoenix Firebird guitar 15.00
Phoenix Pink Kokopelli playing blue guitar 10.00
Sacramento Grapes & vines around red & white guitar 15.00
Sacramento Goldrush Nugget Wagon (Pin Pals) 12.00
Sacramento Jukebox dark green, orange & brown 12.00
Salt Lake City snowboard, purple w/ rainbow & flames 10.00
Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games Spinning Alpine Skier 18.00
Salt Lake City Ice Hockey Skates w/ HRC logo, Icicles 12.00
Salt Lake City 3rd Anniversary Waitress in Bobsled 15.00
Salt Lake City Rainbow colored Snowboard 12.00
San Antonio red & white Firebird guitar 10.00
San Antonio blue National Explorer guitar 10.00
San Antonio black Les Paul guitar 10.00
San Antonio Halloween '98 - Bat hanging from logo 15.00
San Antonio large brown armadillo over HRC logo 10.00
San Diego red drumset, 3LT, mesh 20.00
San Francisco red drumset, 3LT, mesh back 20.00
San Francisco orange cloisonne logo, 3LT, grid back 12.00
San Francisco Cable Car blue National Glenwood guitar 12.00
San Francisco I-5 guitar, dark purple w/ exit sign 15.00
San Francisco Jukebox, light green, yellow, orange,red 12.00
San Francisco blue Hippie VW bus w/ daisies (Pin Pals) 15.00
Washington D.C. USA Flag Acoustic, 2LC, HRC back 12.00
Washington D.C. Eagle Head on face of guitar (PinPals) 15.00
Washington D.C. 10th Anniversary STAFF -Judge w/'STAFF'40.00
Washington D.C. 11th Anniversary purple guitar with 15.00
US flag colored 'Hard Rock'
Washington D.C. Vote 2000, Eagle,13 & 50 Star US Flags 20.00
Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom '96 - Several Blossoms 20.00
Washington D.C. Valentine's Day '01, Rose guitar 15.00
Washington D.C. Inauguration '97 - White House 20.00