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We started selling Olympic pins in 1992 and in 1994, our owner, Larry Ehmer, who had worked in the computer industry for over a decade decided to use this new thing called the Internet to spread the word about his Olympic Pins for sale.  We were also an early adopter of eBay which helped people around the world find the Olympic collectible items they wanted. During our years of business, we have sold pins to customers on 6 continents (still looking for some collectors in Antarctica).  We have even made it to the small screen as pins from Pin Marketplace were used in an episode of the HBO hit series, "The Sopranos".
Larry has been  to 4 Olympic Games, has been hired by Coca-Cola to work at an Olympics as a Pin Trading Expert to assist new collectors, has been featured in TV News stories on Olympic collecting and has been a 2-time Olympic Torchbearer.
What sets Pin Marketplace apart from many other companies that sell pins and pin collecting supplies is our dedication to making sure every customer gets exactly what they want.  We are in this for you.