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Bid pins
 506. Party of the Century - available in Salt Lake City during weekend when 2002 Site      $15.00      
        was selected.  Fireworks at night and SLC logo mark this gold trimmed pin.
        Only 3000 of these pins were made.
 502. Gold Cutout Logo - often called 'Executive pin' 12,000 were made.                           $50.00
        This is the nicest looking of the 7 bid pins.
 753. Club 2002 - blue & white cloisonne shield                                                             $25.00
Early Post-Bid pins made with Bid Logo
 504. White Oval pin w/ logo, sometimes referred to as the 'Egg' pin, this was the first pin    $12.00      
        produced after Salt Lake City won the right to host the 2002 Olympics.
 507. Large cutout bid logo on gold, cutout rings                                                           $12.00
 508. Gold Logo on top of globe                                                                                  $12.00
 509. Light blue diamond with snowcapped Mountains, enamel                                          $12.00
509b. Dark blue diamond, mountains, cloisonne, prototype                                               $12.00
 510. Logo torch with bright flame                                                                               $12.00